What to Expect

What to expect?

Relief Medical Center requires a Patient Intake Form to be filled out for every appointment.

You may fill it out online or may complete the intake form in the office at the time of your appointment.

How long will the appointment be?

Your appointment should not take more than 30 minutes.

To be entered into the Medical Marijuana Program the Physician/APRN must:

  1. Make sure you have a current condition/diagnosis that is approved and recognized by the State of Connecticut. (Click here to view the current conditions/diagnosis approved from the State) List of Approved Conditions/Diagnosis


Once the Physician/APRN approves (you) the patient, the patient is entered into the program through a State website at the time of the appointment

  1. Once (you) the patient is entered into the State website, a Connecticut application has to be completed.

Connecticut requires current Proof of Identity and Residency. Proof of ID and Residency will have to be uploaded into the State website with a current photo to complete the process.

Our staff will assist you with this process at the time of the appointment if you are prepared.

The State will then review the Proof of ID and Residency to ensure it is valid. This can take up to 30 days before receiving your temporary certificate by email. After you receive your temporary   certificate the State will them mail out the hard medical marijuana program card in the mail.   The temporary certificate will then expire and the hard card will be required to be used.



Proof of Identity: (You must submit one legible copy of a non-expired identification form.)

  • Connecticut or Out-of-State Issued Driver’s License
  • Connecticut Issued ID
  • Connecticut pistol or firearm permit
  • US Passport or Passport Card
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Certificate of Citizenship

 Proof of Residency

 The Document must:

  1. Show your name and Connecticut residence address.
  2. Be dated within 90 days (unless stated otherwise below)
  3. Be computer generated(typed)

 You must submit one document from the following list to prove that your home is located in Connecticut:

  • Computer-generated bill or statement from a bank or mortgage company, utility company, doctor or hospital
  • Pre-printed pay stub showing both your name and address and your employer’s name and address
  • W-2 form property or excise tax bill, or Social Security Administration or other pension or retirement annual benefits summary statement and dated within the current or prior year
  • Medicaid or Medicare benefit statement
  • Current valid homeowner’s, renter’s or motor vehicle insurance policy dated within the last year
  • Current motor vehicle loan statement for a motor vehicle registered in your name
  • Residential mortgage or similar loan contract, lease or rental contract showing signatures from all parties needed to execute the agreement and dated within the last year
  • First-class mail addressed to your home address
  • Connecticut voter registration card
  • Survey of your Connecticut property issued by a licensed surveyor
  • Connecticut handgun permit
  • Motor vehicle registration


There are two fees to be completed to be successfully entered into the program.

  1. Relief Medical Center requires a fee to have an evaluation. This fee is to be paid before the appointment in the office. The fee is also non-refundable. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, debit, or credit. Checks are not accepted.

Please be prepared with all medical documentation to support condition/diagnosis. If you are not approved, the fee will not be refunded. If you are not approved you have 30 days to come back free of charge with the proper documentation for a Physician/APRN to approve you into the Medical Marijuana Program.

  1. If you are approved we will assist with the State application in the office after evaluation with the Physician/APRN. Once we submit the Proof of ID and Residency the State requires a fee of $100 to be paid. We can make this payment to the State at the time of the appointment.

Once we have completed the State application the process is complete. By the time you leave the office you will have received an email from the State. The email lets you know that they will be reviewing all of the documentation we sent in for accuracy.

Within 30 days you will receive an email from the State with a temporary certificate. You then can print this certificate and make your first appointment with the dispensary you choose at the time of your appointment with us.

At your first appointment, you will meet with the pharmacists and come up with a treatment plan for you based on all of the products available in the dispensary.

Cancellation Fee

$50 Cancellation fee will be applied to your next visit if you do not cancel by 3PM the previous business day.

Please Note:

Your certificate is valid up to one year from the date your Physician/APRN certified you. You will need to renew every year with Relief Medical Center and the State of Connecticut.

Please bring in any medical documentation or legal documentation that will support the condition/diagnosis. If you have past or current medications please bring them in as well.


 We look forward to seeing you soon and making this a very smooth and pleasant experience for you.

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